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Hello, welcome to Moving Companies Berkeley. We specialize in high quality residential and office relocation in Berkeley Ca. and the surrounding areas. If you're looking for an established, reputable moving company in the Berkeley Ca. area, you've come to the right place.  We offer a wide variety of quality moving and relocation related services. Give us a call for a free quote today, we guarantee you will appreciate how we do business. Professionalism, integrity, value and quality are what we pride ourselves on here at Moving Companies Berkeley.

         professional Berkeley moving companies  We are your one stop shop for all your local and long distance moving needs.  We offer storage short or long term, as well as full service packing, crating, boxes and materials. Moving Companies Berkeley wants to make your relocation experience as fast, efficient and courteous as possible. Our movers are fully trained, uniformed and very experienced.  Our moving equipment is new and our job foremen are the most experienced in the industry. We know Berkeley ca. our families work here, live here, go to school here, and shop here. Berkeley is our city as well. We are very protective of our clients, neighbors and friends. We encourage you to give us a call about your moving need, we promise to treat you like an old friend, or better yet, a new customer.                                         

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Moving Companies Berkeley Can Supply Needed Packing Materials
One of the perks of hiring someone to conduct your move is the freedom from packing. Some movers in Berkeley also provide packing services,

so they supply all needed moving supplies and storage materials and secure your belongings for you. Instead of squishing overfilled, aging boxes in the bed of a

truck, good household movers will wrap pack and seal your valuables, pad them with bubble wrap, foam, or packing paper, and safely load them into sanitized,

temperature regulated moving trucks.  

They guard frames and art with edge protectors, neatly pack clothes into wardrobe boxes, and stow mirrors and other flat glass in mirror packs.

Movers can keep your mattress clean with mattress covers and prevent in-transit damage with moving blankets and padding. In some instances you

can use the provided packing materials to box up your belongings yourself, but professional movers are required to take great care. It's usually worth

your while to take advantage of all of the moving services they offer. 


Some Moving and Storage Companies in BerkeleyAre Better Than Others


Determining the Best Moving Companies in Berkeley


Step 1: Describe Your Plan to the Movers in Berkeley
When you call different moving companies, explain the details of your move. Do you need long distance moving services or local moving services? Report the type

and size of the dwelling and mention any items that will need special care. Also, give the departing and destination addresses and the dates you wish to be moved.

Also, decide if you require full service movers or moving companies who will both pack and move your belongings.

If you plan on storing any items, specify the amount of items to be stored and the projected length of time you will need to store them. Decide if you need special

kinds of storage, such as self-storage, storage containers, climate controlled storage, storage units, mini storage or portable storage. From this information, moving company

representatives and movers can calculate an estimate, which may or may not be binding. Binding estimates generally expire after 60 days (on average), so ask the moving

company in Berkeley about their terms ahead of tim e.

Step 2: Ask the Movers and Storage Companies Questions & Take Notes
You'll need to know some things about moving companies or storage facilities before you use their services. The sample questions below address several items of concern.

How long have the moving companies and storage facilities been in business?

Are the movers or storage companies' estimates binding? If so, how long are they guaranteed?

What items are not allowed to be transported by the movers in Berkeley?

What is your available recourse and who do you contact if household goods are damaged or lost during the moving process or time in storage?

Will the movers reassemble any items that were taken apart for the move?

How do the moving companies and storage facilities price their moving and storage services?

What are the movers' and storage companies' billing procedures?

How much advance notice should you give the moving companies if you need to ship something?

Do the movers in Berkeley offer shipment tracking?

How long will it take the moving company to pack and move your belongings?

Do you the movers offer temporary or long term storage?

Do the storage companies offer self storage, mini storage, portable storage or moving storage space?

How will the movers and storage facilities protect your household goods from damage and dirt?

What are the moving companies' DOT and CAL-T certificate numbers?

Do the movers carry workers' compensation and liability insurance?

Take notes on the responses from each moving company representative. This will make it easier to compare each candidate and create a list of pros and cons to base

your decision on.

Step 3: Making a Preliminary Decision on Movers and Storage Facilities
Compare the results of your interviews with moving companies and storage centers in Berkeley. The candidates who can

best accommodate you in terms of moving and storage safety and special considerations should stand out.

Step 4: Final Research on Moving and Storage Companies
After you've selected a moving and storage company, verify the licensing information they gave you in the interview. You can check the CAL-T license number by calling

the California Public Utilities Commission or visiting their Web site. Department of Transportation registration can be checked on the DOT Web site.

Step 5: Making the Final Decision on the Best Local Movers and Storage Facilities
Once you've determined all proper certifications to be in place, commit to your estimate. Clear up any lingering doubts or concerns. Then speak with

a representative from the moving company or storage facility and arrange for a written and signed pricing, timing, quality agreement.








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